Pallets Outdoor chair

There is an easy and low cost step by step DIY to make your own outdoor chair using pallets wood ! So, the summer is coming and you know what do to with old pallets !

++ Step by Step instructions and more ideas at Styleitchic website !

Pallets Outdoor chair in wood pallets 2 diy  with Pallets DIY Chair
Pallets Outdoor chair in wood pallets 2 diy  with Pallets DIY Chair

Idea sent by IRO styleitchic !

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  1. liene - April 9, 2011

    amazing idea!

  2. interieurdesigner - April 11, 2011

    Wow i really love the simplicity and elegancy of this chair. Nice work!

  3. TRU @ TRU TALES FEATS - May 2, 2011

    This is cool. Does it swing too?

  4. April - August 10, 2012

    This is amazing, I’m going to make this to hang in my basement. I think my son will love it.

  5. thomas - May 9, 2014

    definitely for our mencave!

  6. 21 Ways Of Turning Pallets Into Unique Pieces Of Furniture | - June 18, 2014

    […] When people start to use their imagination, they’re able to come up with interesting ideas. For example, here’s an outdoor swing chair that was made of a wooden pallet. The pallet was taken apart, and small pieces were sewntogether using durable rope. Then more rope was used to hang the piece from a tall tree. Be sure to use safe and durable rope if you don’t want to end up on the ground.{found on recyclart}. […]

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