by Michael Fox

Trash Becomes Super-cute Recycled Plastic Turtles!

We make products and jewelry like these Recycled Plastic Turtles entirely from plastic waste.  Our latest creation is this cute little sea turtle. It represents one of the sea creatures most affected by plastic waste dumped into our oceans.

Upcycle trash into Recycled Plastic Turtles – every piece saved is one less piece that harms these creatures!

We made this turtle using 100% plastic waste, as with all of our products. He measures 11cm x 10cm x 5cm and is limited edition. We will only make 40 of these turtles, and each will have the number of edition engraved. The colors are as seen in the photographs. However, you may request any of the color mixes that we create. A perfect gift for an eco-conscious friend, family member or a little buddy for you!

Recycled Plastic Turtles are made from plastic bottle caps.
We transform ordinary bottle caps into terrific tiny turtles. Every bottle cap and other plastic product we recycle equals one less product that will harm the creatures in our oceans!
Each of our Recycled Plastic Turtles are unique, and reflect the mix of the caps put into the mold machine.
Each turtle is unique. The swirled colors make beautiful patterns on the little plastic shells.
These little Recycled Plastic Turtles would make great gifts for those of your friends who are eco-conscious.
Turtle-ly Terrific!

Each of our Recycled Plastic Turtles are very unique, and limited designs will be made. Only 40 will be produced.

Recycled Plastic Turtles are great jewelry gifts too!

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Lisa Bylsma Arata

yuss I love this. Can I melt translucent pop bottles and mold them?

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