Teapots flowers

Teapots flowers in wood diy  with Garden ideas Flowers


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  1. ProfessionGal - September 6, 2011

    This motivates me to get creative around my apartment. What an adorable idea!

  2. Helen Coughlan via Facebook - September 11, 2011

    They look gorgeous !

  3. inspirationz - October 6, 2011

    What a cute and original idea :)

  4. Spiritfire Designs via Facebook - October 7, 2011

    Great way to use old tea pots, and there are sure plenty of them to be found

  5. tessa - October 21, 2011

    This looks amazing

  6. Taryn Pestalozzi - January 10, 2012

    how do you attach the twine to the spout?

  7. Jeanette - March 13, 2012

    Great idea for a teapot collector…ME!Thanks.

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