Recycle and make unique christmas trees

These are some easy, cheap and chic ideas from Styleitchic website, so you can make unique christmas trees while recycling…

  • Eco Christmas tree made from old boards or pallet wood for eco design!
  • Create this amazing eco-tree using planks of wood that you can make from pallets wood! Initially Build a database by creating a cross and then cut in strips 3 triples in a different size each time that will pin the top of each other in a different direction. I would not recommend candles for safety and a wood stock are inflammability but you can replace them with lights or stoidia green as pine nuts and dried fruits!
  • In a pot mount a branch that you paint with white spray and decorative paper ornaments in various shapes antikathistontas grilanta the white thread!

See more at Eco Christmas tree made from old boards for eco design!


Idea sent by iro findrilaki !

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  1. Eleni Bakondiou via Facebook - December 11, 2011

    I made the above tree from an old bamboo curtain!!!!!

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