Repurposed 1970’s Zips

Is it junk or is it an opportunity? My mother was a seamstress and would love to sew. When she passed away in 1989 I kept all her haberdashery with the intention of finding a use for it.
I have used wire to crochet the zip heads into an edgy collar. From a distance the collar shimmers as the light catches the zip heads on various angles. From a distance it looks like a traditional sparkly piece of jewellery. Close up it is just crocheted zip heads. Each zip head is individual and representative of a time long gone. Together they weave a story.


Idea sent by Mezzy Fleming !

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  1. Lori Corby-Brown via Facebook - March 10, 2012

    great idea

  2. Mary Fleming via Facebook - March 10, 2012

    Thanks…..It only took me 20 odd years to find a use for the zippers. When I wear this piece out it gets a lot of comments and I have been asked to sell it but it just has too much sentimental value. In this piece I see every little dress that my mother lovingly sewed. If you want to see a few more up-cycling jewellery ideas using a combination of thrift store finds and nature, have a look at my blog- . I have a new up-cycled piece of jewellery that I am working on so I hope to have it posted in approx 1 weeks time

  3. alpanic - July 5, 2012

    jewellery from zips – amazing, i want it, i hope i make something like that, thx for inspirations :)

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