Sculptor concerned about the sustainability

Born in Jundiaí, São Paulo, artist Bianchin Emerson is dedicated to the art for over 10 years. Self-taught, his restless spirit Bianchin expressed in sculptures, in the eyes of the artist 33 years work as a means of communication with the outside your back. As a sculptor, noted for use of scraps taken from machine shops, and warehouses bicicletarias recyclables, always remaining faithful to the original form of each piece.
Bianchin The creative process starts with the choice of a single piece, which he calls the array. It is the matrix that will determine all the sculpture, the other parts work in a secondary role, all together, welded, transformed into a work of art. The sensitivity printed on sculptures Bianchin describes his goal of making the viewer see the work without losing track of the objects that compose it. “I would just stick a piece to another, without twisting or cutting, the observer has to know what the whole is done. “In each work he creates, shows increasing its constant quest for lightness and movement, which gives the artist’s work, the intriguing feature of turning scrap iron, the tire into something sensible, as is the dancer who dances on the tips toes. “The movement of a work is essential, it is he who gives life to the metal and light sculpture,”says Bianchin …


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