Playing with the idea of a teapot

Calling Miss Olive for Tea Time is rescued trash but it’s also a lesson in food. The body of the piece is an olive pomace can from the kitchens of Arrowmont. While studying there, I ate this not knowing the great distance between olive oil and olive pomace. Olives, cold pressed, release the flavorful olive oil leaving behind pulp. The pulp was once seen as appropriate hog food but now it is heated, dowsed with hexane and coaxed to release a secondary product – pomace oil.

I felt that hexane shouldn’t be in my diet so I mentally trashed the substance and added to it things that I dug out of trash to change the can into a daily reminder that true olive oil is the best for me. The phone represents a bit of the world of technology that made hexane part of our food supply. The watches are statements of how things change over time.


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Submitted by: Elaine Hardman !


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