10 Creative Ways Of Upcycling Keyboard Keys

What do you do with your old keyboard when it stops working? You take it to a recycling center in order to dismantle it and hope it will be recycled correctly. Some artists and crafters use them by making some creative art or craft from all the plastic keys. You will discover below 10 creative ways to reuse those old keys from a computer keyboard, you will look at your old keyboard differently :)

Recycled-keyboard 01
Interactive sculpture where thousands of keyboard keys are embedded into a continuous textile. Installation by Jean Shin. (source)
Recycled-keyboard 02
Artist Sarah Frost reuses thousands of keyboard keys and uses them as a wall decoration. That’s a nice idea for interior design, but you must be ready for a lot of patience :) (source)
Recycled-keyboard 03
Artist Choi Jung Hyun made some incredible sculptures from recycled keyboard keys such as this beautiful snake. (source)
Recycled-keyboard 04
Designers Xan & Pablo have reused three old keyboards to make this original chair…really don’t know if it’s very comfortable? (source)
Recycled-keyboard 05
Designer Joao Sabino is making some cool handbags from recycled keyboard keys. (source)
Recycled-keyboard 06
Trojan horse all made from recycled keyboard keys, amazing work! (source)
Recycled-keyboard 07
Artist Steve Coogan is making some nice portraits by only using keyboard keys like this portrait of the famous Dr. House. (source)
Recycled-keyboard 08
If you’re not an artist, you can also make useful accessories from old keyboard keys such as this pencil holder. (source)
Recycled-keyboard 09
Some artists even made costumes from keyboard keys, like these two characters « Virus » & « Enterman » made from 7,000 keys. (source)
Recycled-keyboard 10
Chandelier made out of recycled keyboard keys. This light won the “Tái khám phá không gian Xanh” design contest in 2012. (source)

Have you made something out of old keyboard keys? Do not hesitate to share what you make with us!

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Imagine Melton Zero Waste

Shared with comment. Thx :)


Great ideas!! I made some Mario characters out of old keyboard keys — check them out on my Etsy shop: PatrickHoesterey


Love it.

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