by Rob Croxford

Arcade Game Art Piece

This is a mixed media piece that I have created from recyled bits and bobs.  “Melt Down” is 43.5″ x 21.5″, Acrylic on Mixed media. I used recycled plywood as my base and cut holes in it for the light to come though……then filled the holes with clear caulking…..using old curtain hooks to outline the lights. The bumpers are made from old bike reflectors and there are also a bunch of scrap metal and wood pieces attached.
It lights up using old chasing christmas tree lights. The imagery mimics the old style of pinball machine…but is all original and painted in acrylic. This piece is my way of addressing global climate change!
It was part of my “Arcade Series”, and you can check out my site for more info on this series and more of my works!

Melt Down


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