Bat-yam Cans Pavilion

This cans pavilion was made during the Bat-Yam International Biennale of landscape urbanism in Israël. Here the description of this concept :

The combination of “hospitality” and “public space” implies an inner tension. How can people identify with public space and relate to it as if it were their own living rooms?

We approach this question by fostering the participation of residents and visitors in the shaping of their environment, thus leaving their mark and presence on the space. The location we chose was an unoccupied lot where the municipality has planted a grove of palm trees, while the lot remains “on hold” for a construction project sometime in the future. The palm trees bestow an ambiance of fantasy we chose to further emphasize by using shiny tin cans as building blocks; city conservation using a familiar household material in a new context. A sense of the exotic and a choice of no-man’s-land, practically transparent to street traffic, sheds new and different light on the space and reveals its latent potential. After sundown, pavilion visitors will be exposed to the street, the same way urban interiors are revealed for viewing every evening.

Nice concept and incredible result, it looks like an OVNI spaceship!

Bat-yam Cans Pavilion 1 • Home Improvement
Bat-yam Cans Pavilion 3 • Home Improvement
Bat-yam Cans Pavilion 5 • Home Improvement
Bat-yam Cans Pavilion 7 • Home Improvement
Bat-yam Cans Pavilion 9 • Home Improvement


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Vix Martin via Facebook
Vix Martin via Facebook


Erling Egeland via Facebook
Erling Egeland via Facebook

Boycott Israel!

Beate K Ose via Facebook
Beate K Ose via Facebook

Veldig pen da. Lurer på hvor lenge den hadde overlevd i vårt klima den paviliong-skulptur-saken?

nagalli anil kumar
nagalli anil kumar

we like your concept and we are intrest look new things so if possible pl send alerts by mail our mail id na*************@gm***.com

יעל דלת


Heather Izzett



Nice !

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