Upcycled Festival Dress Made Of Old T-shirts

By cirrhopp

Festival dress from upcycled t-shirts? Next to the jewels now I made a dress.

Elephant Made Out Of 6000 Recycled Cardboard Tubes

By Neokentin

The creative crew Nituniyo (Spanish creative agency) built this elephant sculpture out of 6000 recycled cardboard tubes for the Fallas Festival in Valencia (Spain). Over the duration of the festival, […]

Recycled Sweater Art

By Neokentin

One-of-a-kind wearable art made from upcycled sweaters.

Energy Produced by Bikes Made of Trash

By Neokentin

On the 22, 23 and 24 of March was the last edition of the movie festival curious travelers. During that event Open Sources highjack the design and run with the […]

The Day Of Tyran’s Giant Creatures

By Neokentin

On “Bright People” festival! On 18th of August in Moscow Gorky Park the new state holiday of Cardboardia – The Day of Gigantic Tyran’s Creatures – was mass celebrated. The […]

Mobile Merchandising Stands from Upcycled Cabinets

By Neodim

Merchandising stands, designed for music festival Elastiek Muziek, The Netherlands. These up-cycled cabinets sourced from  second hand stores have been given a new life. Painted out and put on wheels […]

Maryland Faerie Festival Mushrooms

By Neokentin

The mushrooms, provide both seating and decoration for the Maryland Faerie festival. Volunteers create them out of old 6 gallon buckets, recycled carpet padding, scrap lumber and fabric scraps. The […]

Bat-yam Cans Pavilion

By Neokentin

This cans pavilion was made during the Bat-Yam International Biennale of landscape urbanism in Israël. Here the description of this concept : The combination of “hospitality” and “public space” implies […]

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