by Sardin Mariette

Bedside Table with Old Apple Crate

Here is a simple idea to recycle an old wooden crate that was used to store apples! A board in the middle for easy storage and you have a bedside table vintage!

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Nancy Hansen via Facebook

I would do that!

John P. Weiksnar via Facebook
John P. Weiksnar via Facebook

For sure Apple will sue to stop that. . . .

Sarah Monteverdi via Facebook

Ive been doing this since I was a teenager! I had one that was passed from my older sister, to me and then to my own teenager :)

Peter Speck via Facebook
Peter Speck via Facebook

Simple … but oh so effective :-).

Suzie McMillen Smith via Facebook

citrus crates already have the center devider. i have about 20 from my teenage years. great as bookshelves or display shelves.


So awesome and yet so simple. I love how ‘raw’ it looks. Good job!

Mariette Sardin
Mariette Sardin

thanks to youuuuuuuuuuu!

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