Cable Spool Rocking Chair

This rocking chair seems very comfortable !


++ Reel Rocker wooden rocking chair

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Corey fender
Corey fender

What size reel did you use to make this? I make custom tables out of wire reels and people are always complimenting them. I love the uniqueness of this chair.

David Meddings
David Meddings
Reply to  Corey fender

actuality it was 100cms diameter. I know cos I made it

Many Thanks for writing Cable spool rocking chair | Recyclart, I just actually was
seeking for anything similar and was thankful to discover
the information through this blog post.


wow im going to do these i have 5 reels laying around in my yard

Jassica M
Jassica M

The London Factory stocks this wonderful chair. Very high quality built and the price is very competitive. We have it in our lounge and absolutely love it.

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