by Richard Flatto

It’s about Time

IT’S ABOUT TIME is an amalgamation of a few materials that we like to work with. First, and foremost, we do recycled license plate art. Secondarily, we have a small stockpile of genuine wine barrels. And we like to use the materials together in a way that no one else is that we know of. In this case, we not only wanted to make a beautiful work of art in combining these materials, but to make a dramatic and large and fully functional wall timepiece.

Thus, IT’S ABOUT TIME was constructed, using a whole wine barrel head that was disassembled, and glued together when reassembled. It was sanded smooth, given 4 lustrous coats of SPAR varathane, and carefully chosen pairs of license plate colors on opposite sides. A quality clockworks was installed, and we had ourselves a beautiful large wall clock! It has since been sold, so now someone else has one…but we’re going to make more. And with what we do, each and every one is different.



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