Cans Caps Jewel

An environmental project in Costa Rica involving making eco-jewelry from recycled materials, for these examples, the aluminum beverage can pull-tabs and frayed strips of recovered cloth remnants. These are made by women responsible for their community recycling programs in remote villages, as a means to demonstrate that “no es basura“: just what can be done with throw-aways, a step in promoting a culture of recycling in this developing country.

caps jewel

19b. Aderezo de colores


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Hey, nice surprise finding us here! We like your name too ;-] Even our logos are alike.

Your site is fabulous. Will it remain a showcase, or will you eventually sell from it?

I’ll keep checking in and send other recup artists.

Many thanks.


Christine Chapuisé le Merle via Facebook
Christine Chapuisé le Merle via Facebook

si cela n’engage pas a en boire !

Richard Green via Facebook
Richard Green via Facebook

This is amazing!!

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