Cap Floating Candles

Cap Floating Candles 1 • Wood & Organic
Cap Floating Candles 2 • Wood & Organic
How darling are these little floating beeswax acorn cap candles? Intended  ONLY for floating in water – these little candles burn between 15-30 minutes each.

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Beth Chepote via Facebook
Beth Chepote via Facebook

YES! NOW I know what to do with all those acorn caps that I keep picking up and filling my pockets with. They are so irresistible, but whaddaya do with ’em after you empty your pockets? My next project…….


How about putting them in a shallow bowl filled with colored sand?

Joyce M Vogt

Pain in the butt to make

Maria Da Graça Pacheco

Ameris Beatriz Carvalho Pereira. Veja que show estas velas para a Festa das Bruxas

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