Cardboard Décor Ideas for a Kids Room or a Kids Party

You can re-decorate any children’s room in an easy and economical way, using cardboard! Cardboard, its free and you can find it at your nearest recycle bin or ask any supermarket or store to give you some! For this DIY, you will need scissors or paper cutter, a pencil, markers, and lot of imagination.

The first draw with a pen, the pattern of the furniture you want to make, for example, headboard, reading lamp, table, nightstand, etc…

Then chases it and cut it with the cutter or scissors, and decorate as you like. To make the nightstand, you can use a whole box that will draw drawers with a marker or the pattern of a round table as shown in the photos below. Use white cardboard if you wish for creating a window. Draw a box to place the beloved “views” of children, clouds, sun, trees, and animals using the collage technique!


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Rebecca Glenn Kintz

Just no to cardboard furniture.

Emma Vick

Actually that’s quite clever as a temporary fix. I’d like to know what the window dressing was though.

Aoife Bugler Doyle

Beth Roxborough dont be going to all that expense with your DIY..just get some cardboard boxes!!

Beth Roxborough

We were at Ikea yesterday buying more stuff, so tonnes of cardboard going spare at ours now! We haven’t done the spare room yet…


Very it ?

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