Cg Reciclado Artístico

These are some of the work undertaken by the group workshop CG Recycled art, made from different materials are recycled and reused. The fish is made with plastic bottles and CDs, as well as clothing and the image of women was performed with metallic elements such as nails, pins, and washers.

Cg Reciclado Artístico 1 • Accessories

Cg Reciclado Artístico 2 • Accessories

Cg Reciclado Artístico 3 • Accessories

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Truly insane

Andy Zaun Balcerski

Made of cds and plastic bottles!

Andy Zaun Balcerski

Made of cds and plastic bottles.

Georgina Verbena

Precioso, me encanta el efecto que logra la luz en él, Felicitaciones al artista ! Por qué no se ve el nombre en la publicación ?

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