Maybe old dresses are the things we have the most at home, you know what I mean, this lovely dress that was fashion several years ago but now not anymore. Discover ideas & projects you can easily do (more or less) at home with your old fabric: reuse & upcycle them instead of throwing them away!


By Neodim

Felt Mistress made this creative tweed cover for a Stratocaster !

Diy : Recycled Glove Chipmunk

By Neodim

If you have a lonely glove, tucked away somewhere in the back of a drawer, then why not dust it off and turn it into this adorable chipmunk softie. ++ […]

Minimal Dress

By Neodim

‘May I ask how many costumes she wears out each year?’ ‘My dear sir, the clothing of a lady does not wear out through her wearing of it, but through […]

Tampon Chandelier...

By Neodim

“From a distance this looks like an elegant and feminine piece of decor, but up close… well, you could still call it feminine.” From the mind of Portuguese artist Joana […]

Lover Gloves: Smittens

By Neodim

For this Valentine day, nothing is perfect than doing something for the other. Recyclart found you the perfect lover’s accessory. Of course, knitting skills are needed!

Orphan Socks

By Neodim

“We all have orphan socks, victims of the Bermuda Triangle otherwise known as the washer/dryer (and why is it that it’s always the cute ones to lose their partner?), but […]

Denim Shoes ?

By Neodim

Handmade in northern Thailand, these recycled denim shoes seems to ba available in big quantities… ++ here

Alphabet Pillow Custom

By Neodim

These pillows are made from recycled suit-jackets. Some will have buttons, some will have a pocket, all retro awesome tweeds, herringbones and checks… Hilary Cosgrove is selling them on Etsy […]

Denim Accessories

By Neodim

Great ideas with labels and denim. Handmade by Wolfann. ++ Wolfann

Plant A Bra

By Neodim

What do you think of this idea to use an old bra as a planter? … funny idea :)

Felt Armchair

By Neodim

Kathryn Walter designed this conceptual armchair, that was commissioned by Rachel Gotlieb as part of her “New Landscapes” at the Design Exchange in Toronto ON. The exhibit commissioned four artists/architects/designers […]

Hat Bags

By Neodim

All bags are authentic recycled hats from different countries. ++ made and sold by Frida Badoux


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