by Mezzy

Don’t Label Me Cuff

As a society we are voracious consumers, often spending more than we actually have. Advertising agencies tap into our insecurities and sell us vacuous dreams. We are bombarded with banal, superficial images and we are somehow brainwashed into believing that our lives will be glorious and transformed if we buy into that designer brand.

“Don’t Label Me” Cuff was created to address this nonsense.

This unisex cuff is made from an old thrifted tie and retro labels. Old retro ties are a great source of ornate detailed labels. The ribbon edging was from a boxed gift of perfume that I received. It was a box within a box within a box. Beautifully presented by wasteful packaging in the extreme. The old tie and label would be things that would ordinarily be thrown out…..instead they have been combined to make an edgy statement piece.


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