by Jacqueline Davies

Its My Bag!

It’s My Bag – Made by Textile Artist Jacqueline Davies – Commissioned for Essex Legacy 2012 Olympic Games !

This artwork is inspired by athlete Chloe Rogers. Jacqueline was buddied with Chloe in 2011 and over the course of her season was able to collaborate on this Journey To The Podium project. This kit bag illustrates the glamour of being an international sportswoman with its super hero style silver sparkle. Take a peek inside and you’ll find a more personal narrative. There is a cheeky nod to Chloe’s nickname Ginger Rogers, which she gained from having fast, dancing feet on the pitch. The upcycled handle was shaped from Rogers’s old wooden sticks.

Currently on display at Saffron Walden in Essex ‘Sporting Heroes’ exhibition until 01/07/2012. Jacqueline is looking for a new venue to exhibit this artwork during London 2012 and is open to invitations.

Its My Bag! 1 • Accessories
Its My Bag! 2 • Accessories
Its My Bag! 3 • Accessories


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