Colorful Fruit Crates as Wall Mounted Shelves

My latest interior design-kitchen arrangement, one big wall is designed as shelving combined with black chalkboard wall.
To organize the kitchen and restore goods, old fruit crates are recycled and painted in colors as contrast to the black wall.
Whole project -painting the wall, painting crates and place them- took me less than 3 days.




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Paul @ eco stores

Amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination and a creative bent. Your wall looks brilliant and you have the satisfaction of recycling. Great blog.

Jennifer Andrews
Jennifer Andrews

I absolutely love this wall! The chalkboard wall really makes the shelving stand out in a great way. I’ve seen wall mounted wire shelving systems before that I’ve thought of recycling but I like having bright colors since the paint I have is pretty neutral. Do you have suggestions to brighten shelves like that up?

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