Colorful Key Chain and Rack

Colorful Key Chain and Rack 1 • Recycled Electronic Waste

Colorful Key Chain and Rack 2 • Recycled Electronic Waste

Here is how to make a cool colorful key chain and a rack for storing those key chains out of RJ-45 jacks and plugs.

++ The instructables


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Carol Walsh via Facebook
Carol Walsh via Facebook

IS this a phishing site or has it been hacked ? Wehn I click on it I get a weird FB warnign

Amy Lifford Boyd via Facebook

I go to this site all the time that is something new Ive never seen, I clicked continue anyway and took me rite to the site as usual,so hhmmmm IDK whats up with that, lots and lots of really cool stuff on that site

Yannick Schmitt

Je préfère sa, cela prend moins de place sur le mur…

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