by Eleonora Mariotti

Ecoroll – Everything in Your Hands

How many times you happen to find yourself with one of these rolls in hand by having to pull away?
And how many of those times you wonder what we can do..?
Ecoroll is a product that does not necessarily want to amaze but to understand that with simple everyday objects or industrial waste and with the talent craftsman DIY mixed with a dose of creativity you can create products that respond to different needs and perform multiple functions. Thus, starting from the assemblage of cardboard cores of two different diameters, a basic form that becomes the tray or cooking for breakfast in bed.
The object is sturdy and stable, merit also of internal fixing points to rolls that remain so hidden from view, and at the same time. The two larger rolls allow to accommodate, on the one hand, the cutlery and the napkin, or need a plastic glass. The particular shape that is designed to have a product easy to hold in the upper part, due to the arrangement of elements, and thus can be easily transported.
The basic module presented can in turn be repeated and assembled using paper clips placed at the end, going to form containers of various kinds and various forms (depending on how many modules are used).
We can get so shelves for the cuisine, or containers for books for the children’s room, or even a totem/support on which top holding, the netbook and the bottom magazines or video games. Product very versatile but especially ecological and economical, which uses “waste paper” of daily life to become an integral part of the house.


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Julie Nemethy

Kinda cool……although a definite storage issue when not in use

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