Colorful Bench Made From Upycled Ikea Lack Coffee Tables

When you see this fantastic colorful bench designed and made by the American designer Charles Crowford, you couldn’t imagine they have been made with upcycled Ikea LACK coffee tables that have been bought from craigslist! Each table has been cut in two, expanding insulation foam and latex paint for waterproofing the openings created by the cut were used.
Each table has uniform locations where the legs screw in which it make perfect pilot holes for drilling out a section from each corner. Two 3/4″ steel rods slide right through the holes and support the whole thing. The backrest (and rear-slanted detail) is made of the table legs screwed right into one another.
The result has a beautiful aesthetics and this piece of furniture can be placed to any outdoor space or even in kids rooms or any workplaces giving color to gray and minimalist spaces. With a little effort and free time, you can build your own …



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