Container Guest House

Container Guest House 1 • Home Improvement

This San Antonio guest house is designed by Poteet Architects — who were recently honored with the 2010 San Antonio AIA Design Award for the project. This is proof that any small space, no matter its origin, can be transformed into a very functional and chic home. The secret is in the planning and the details.

Container Guest House 2 • Home Improvement

Container Guest House 3 • Home Improvement

Container Guest House 4 • Home Improvement

Container Guest House 5 • Home Improvement

Container Guest House 6 • Home Improvement

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it s wonderfull i like it…

Mick Marshall via Facebook
Mick Marshall via Facebook

How neat is that!

Hélène Guiard

heu pas au soleil… :/

Brigitte Verhooste-Tournaye

On les trouve où les containers ? c’est une bonne idée

Pat Ogaz

super idee

Maira Khan

Jahanzeb Malik You know what I mean :)

Trisha Pastore

My next home….beautiful

Cherry Brady Clarke

I want to rent a spot in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, for my container house.

Aurelie Keita

Ça au bord de l eau, je dis banco!

Serge William

Voir sur Bordeaux and co tranports maritimes….

Ginette Roy


Monique Laroche

C’est très joli et très réussi, bravo !

Christine Juillan

I love containers!

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