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by Nathan Rogers

Cool Upcycled Petrocycle Industrial Lamp

I made this Petrocycle Industrial Lamp out of various waste items and thought they blend well. I spent several hours constructing it, but I feel it is well worth the effort. Now I have a unique lamp that no one else has!

Make a conversation piece like this PetroCycle Industrial Lamp!

Cool Upcycled Petrocycle Industrial Lamp Lamps & Lights Upcycled Bicycle Parts
I cobbled together bicycle gears, gas pump parts, and a lamp kit to create my steampunk-styled lamp.

Show your mad skills and make your own Transforming Upcycled Robot!  Make a Butcher-Block Style Side Table from Pallets!

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Becky Jane Smith

My latest upcycle ….retro tape cassette lamp ?

Jillian Weisenbach

awesome! never seen this diy before and definitely feel inspired – thanks for sharing!

Becky Jane Smith

Its really easy as well ?

Matthew Bauckham

I can’t see any thing bicycle related on this lamp. Looks really good though


Some of the gears – from the sprocket (not sure if that’s the right term – my apologies – I’m not the artist). It’s a fun project, though and it may inspire YOU to do your own version. If you do, we’d LOVE to see it. You all do some amazing things out there. It’s a privilege to see the ideas going by each day. :D -HS.

Zea Jane

Asha Basha I thought this was one of your creations at first

Lisa Jane Ward

Peter Hollingworth another one for you to moan at lol

Peter Hollingworth

I never moan , thats quite inventive for a pile of scrap bits

Ian Kinnersley Snr

i have that fill rite counter somewhere I think I offered you it Lisa

Ian Kinnersley Snr

Lisa Jane Ward I’ll dig it out

Lisa Jane Ward

Ian Kinnersley Snr ta Matey

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