Creative Lamps Made Out Of Old Toys

If you are looking for an idea to reuse your old kid’s toys with sentimental value and that you want to keep, there are some easy ways to reuse them creatively by making lamps with them.

These DIY’s are really simple and cheap! You only need a silicone gun, some ribbons and transparent filament (fishing line), toys and of course a lamp.

If you have an old chandelier, all you have to do is to fasten the silicone pistol and ribbons or line, various stuffed at the base, and in the chain of the luminance. You should be careful and check that the toys do not touch the lamps. Also, it is preferable to use an LED lamp to be sure that you will not have any burning issues.

If you have a lamp in a cone or round-shaped, just stick the dolls on the fabric or glass with a silicone gun. You should use a low-watt bulb, and not place too heavy toys. Besides, such construction functions mainly as an embellishment and not as the main lamp. Alternatively choose light fixtures or side table lamps with a perforated shape so that you can clinch the toys with ribbons or transparent thread, tying them up.

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Minda Merinsky

I’m sorry. But these are all horrible.

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