Upcycled Playing Card Dolls Make Great Gifts!

By pattysgreenart

What do you do with playing cards when they get a little sticky? Turn them into 3D greeting cards!

Sweetheart Dolls From Heart-shaped Lids

By Neokentin

Show some love using a heart-shaped box lid. An easy peasy project using a box lid and necklace beads.

21 Delightfully Creepy Upcycled Doll Projects!

By HeatherStiletto

For some of us, it’s ALWAYS Halloween. We crave a touch of the twisted; savor the shock value. There’s something about a discarded doll that can be beautiful, sad, and a […]

Ice Dyed Refashioned Babydoll Top

By hector99

Lovely lavender, magenta, and blue hues sport this ice dyed refashioned women’s top!

Upcycled Tin Can Into Christmas Nesting Dolls

By Upcycled Design Lab

I recycle so many tin cans. One day I realized that several of them fit inside one another and an idea was born. These templates are available for free on […]

Creative Lamps Made Out Of Old Toys

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

If you are looking for an idea to reuse your old kid’s toys with sentimental value and that you want to keep, there are some easy ways to reuse them […]

Soda Can Pop Tabs + Polymer Clay = Little Dolls Jewelry

By Neodim

Upcycled tabs from soda or tin cans are transformed by Clafoutine, a french crafter, to make adorable dolls she transforms into jewels. The mix between the waste and the polymer clay really […]

Ugly Recycled Dolls Brooches

By Neokentin

URD are handmade dolls-brooches, made of old garments, metal components and Fimo. Packaging is also fully recycled,each one comes in recycled can. Dolls made with love 4 you to love them <3 […]

Barbie Dolls Wave Sculpture

By Neokentin

This wave sculpture was made by Belgian-born and Australia-based artist Annette Thas from hundred of upcycled Barbie dolls alluding to childhood memories and environmental concerns. This sculpture was made as part […]

Upcycled Guitar Into Doll House

By Neokentin

Cool idea! An old broken guitar was reused and transformed into a miniature dollhouse. A lot of details and a lot of work to make this incredible miniature realization!

The Hookah-smoking Caterpillar

By Neokentin

This is actually a three piece set: The Caterpillar, The Mushroom, and The Hookah. Some of the found objects used in this construction are: A yogurt container, a vitamin bottle, […]

Stuffies Made From Fabric Samples & Old Buttons

By Neokentin

I found some super funky fabric samples recently that I figured would be fun to combine for a cat stuffie. I made a rough pattern then sewed this guy up. […]

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