by Lukas Sebastiaan

Creativity from Corks

Art expresses itself in myriad ways and forms. Paintings, pottery, glass or marble statues, art is for everyone something else (fortunately). What one inspires and upsets, might be for another not very interesting.

At KURK-DESIGN we are mainly interested in sustainable ways of creating and are always busy with artistic expressions that fit our approach.

Lukas Sebastian ( 27 ) with his style, approach and philosophy perfectly with KURK-DESIGN. This Amsterdam artist draws inspiration from the finest materials recyclable: cork. Through the collection of a wide variety of specimens at numerous restaurants and eateries in and around Amsterdam, Sebastian came to a collection of over 10,000 ( ! ) Unique corks.

Each cork is different. The smell, color, taste and shape are different for each cork and determine its character. Which wine he served and how long? Perhaps uncorking a bottle of some led to a violent romance, the possibilities are endless in this sense. The combined history of all cork provides a flair of romance to combine the entire collection into a work of art.

This commitment has culminated in a unique portrait composed of 2688 corks and more than 6,000 nails. With the inspiration of the famous Al Pacino , ultimately, each cork his own role in the artwork.
Carefully sorted by shape, color and size Lukas Sebastian wants to prove that his creation: “In this case, cork, things can occur that enchant the eye even from waste“.


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A new life for the corks, an offer they couldn’t refuse!

Sebastiaan Herbschleb

Thanks for posting Recyclart! We are creating a new one, this time a famous model with a very recognizable beauty mark on her face… More to be announced soon…


:) share it with us when finished! :)

Sebastiaan Herbschleb

We definitely will! :)

Julien Leprette

le parrain !!!

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