Cutting Strips From Tetra Packs Using Home Made Plastic Bottle Strip Cutter

Just a little experiment I’ve done with my strip cutter. First of all a couple of words about the cutter itself. I’ve made it from scrap I had around my workshop after a couple unsuccessful attempts to recreate something I’ve seen on the internet. The photo makes it pretty obvious how it works. It’s not perfect but it cuts plastic bottles very well, and I was wondering what else I can cut with it. I tried to cut aluminum cans wich I think is a very good idea, but it definitely requires a different design. But the tetra packs is the other thing, and it works well so if you already have plastic bottle cutter you can try it by yourself. The results I’ve got weren’t perfect, and I’m thinking of making a new cutter for these specific tasks, but still the experiment was successful.

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Vivi Vin

Ariel Barrantes Segura

Ariel Barrantes Segura
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This is brilliant! Have you posted the instructions to build the strip cutter? I would love to build one and it would be so much easier to follow a set of instructions than to try to figure it out for myself.

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