Used Water Tanks into Kids Palaces !

kids house watertanks

Mid September, ART D’ECO joined the artist in residence program at the Dune eco resort/village( , near Pondicherry in South India.

The resort itself is a gorgeous green place on the beach and still in the making. 50 thematic villas and suites are available like hotel rooms.  there is the eco farm  (animals and vegetable) , the nursery, the SPA and its own herbs garden  and the  villas equipped with bikes for people to go around. the whole resort is run according to sustainability :  energy is solar or electrical (vehicles)  and  water is re-used in a closed water system (watering the gardens with used waters for instance) .

kids house watertanks2

Katell (the designer) took the opportunity to  re use all the construction waste or the waste generated by the clients everyday to make something new and needed in the resort.

kids house watertanks3

Kid’s Palace used water tank to recycle into kid’s house or mini Palaces for kids.. 3 huge tanks , opened with doors and windows  and painted with “nature” camouflage to be invisible in the playground.

++ Art d’eco design

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Eco resort lover
Eco resort lover

I love their window decorations ^-^

just passing through, great blog/

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