Diy Yarn-mache Pet Igloo For Dogs & Cats!

By Neokentin

Use up those old skeins and balls of yarn and transform them into an adorable Yarn-Mache Pet Igloo for cats or dogs! Skip the chemical-laden commercial glues and use a […]

Stop-motion Video: Upcycled Mechanical Whippet Puppet

By Neokentin

This is BITZ. Using my pet whippets as inspiration I set myself the challenge to build a functional stop-motion puppet using the random junk I had in my toolbox. There was no design or drawing before I started, her creation was an exploration into the balance between style and function.

“Dinner Table” for a Big Dog from Reclaimed Kid’s Bed

By Neokentin

We have a Landseer male, a big dog with needs for a stand for its food and water. The old table was in bad shape, so thought I could make a new one, […]

Evergreen: Magazines Collage

By Jeff

Collage using garden magazines & product packaging…this little green guy has a camouflage tongue…among other features! Thanks for looking!

Amazing Tiny Dogs Made By Daphné Burge

By Neokentin

I collect metal tins, Bakelite, porcelain and other vintage odds and ends. Using imagination and a touch of whimsy, I transform these objects into tiny dogs, robots …

How to Make Pet Toys from Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

Not only are pets these great creatures that inhabit our homes but they are also an important part of our lives and families. Every pet owner wants the best for […]

Recycled Leather gets a new Leash on life!

By twiggy38

Recycled Leather Belts repurposed into fabulous one a of a kind pieces of dog wear art.

Dog Portrait from Corrugated Cardboard by Ali Golzad

By Neokentin

A dog portrait made from corrugated cardboard by Iranian Artist Ali Golzad. Ali uses discarded cardboard to create eye catching pieces that are often inspired by well-known personalities, nature, and […]

New Bed for the Dogs!

By Neokentin

With deck wood we created a new bed for the dogs!

Dog with Moving Ears

By sophie marsham

Shoe trees, fur and copper.

Recycled Bicycle Chains Dogs by Nirit Levav

By Neokentin

Nirit Levav is an Israeli artist that believes in using the resources around her to create art. HOW! WOW! is a collection of dogs that she made entirely out of […]

Cat House Made from Habitat Restore

By Neokentin

A stray cat took up residence at the house, but had to stay outside as he didn’t get along with the cats we have, so he needed a place to […]

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