Diy: Hanging Tin Lanterns For X-mas

Are you searching for easy, cheap & original home décoration for Christmas? Look at this nice idea of repurposing old tin cans

into simple candle holders!


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  • Just curious as to whether the candles heat up the part of the can that is over the flame. If not, great! ...but if they DO heat up the can, is there a bad smell from the lining of the can? Do the decorations on the outside of the can stay nice-looking? Do they heat up enough to catch fire?

    Hope my concerns are unnecessary as I love the look of this project and, in general, love anything that re-purposes containers. But safety first.

  • Hi
    I have 1000 nos soft wood cylinders 7 inch height , 6 inch die what we can do and make some decent money.

  • I am looking for a pattern to make pincushions from tuna cans. I work with l2 children and
    thought this would be a good project for mothers day.

    Thanks Marion