Kids Play Kitchen From Old Tv Stand


If you have children, especially a daughter like mine, who always wants to help me cook, then you are probably thinking about what kind of play kitchen you might find her. Old furniture and especially old TV stands are often perfect as long as you have the imagination!

You’ll find plenty of inspiration for repurposed play kitchen on this Facebook page. You can also have a look at this best of for the outdoor version: 20 mud kitchen.


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Liz Wathew

Nigel John Wilson is that my new kitchen? Excited!!!!! ;)

Susana Pascual

mira Melina Acebo, para que lindo para reciclar

Marcella Auvare


Anat Nachmias

פשוט מקסים!!! Butyfull!!!

Janis Lawlor O'Donnell

I wish there was a little girl or boy in my life for this! Actually, I would just love to do this :-)

Willa Newcomb Deen

great idea

Debra Laukaitis


Claire E R Rankin

I would love to do something like that for Lucia.

June Button Queen

Maria, you could so do this for Darcy

Liza Buck

Such a smart idea

Paola Tral

Kind of flammable I would have feared though

Syl Vie


Leah Woodgate

Ange Woodgate, is this what we’re making for Olivia’s cubby?

Ange Woodgate
Reply to  Leah Woodgate


Ange Woodgate
Reply to  Leah Woodgate

But it’s probably cheaper to just buy a play kitchen from IKEA ????

Eileen Velasquez

I’m going to make one of these when I have grand babies. Mary Velasquez Valerie Eileen

Stacey Young

Lionel Linn for Frank please ????

Joeann King

Kira King be cool kitchen for lillie

Kira King
Reply to  Joeann King

Too big no where to put it lol

Lionel Linn

Will keep my eye out for something similar????

Eilish MacSweeney-Casey

Reminds me of the fantastic doll house made from old radio cabinet owned by a cousin. I was so envious of it and her!

Julia Horn

How fun!

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