Diy: Wine Corks To Bath Mat

Diy: Wine Corks To Bath Mat 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
You will need:

  • 175 wine corks, plus a few for mistakes,
  • hot glue sticks & gun,
  • non-adhesive shelf liner,
  • sharp pocket knife,
  • cutting board,
  • rotary cutter and mat,
  • long ruler or yardstick,
  • coarse sand paper
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Olivier Philippe

wine cork also !

Camille Médus

I ‘ll do it.

Alice Kallenbach

This is an oldie,. ;)

Jü Nanini

Katiane Alves Sousa, olha meu projeto aí! rs :D

Katiane Alves Sousa

Jü Nanini bem legal

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