Doll Chandelier

Chandelier made out of plastic dolls…grrrr….looks creepy! But if you don’t know what to do with your old dolls … here’s an idea :)




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Jackie Pozza
Jackie Pozza

So creepy…

Bibi Sherman

Schon ein bisschen schräg… :)

Jami Beno

This is hideous

Fiona Tyson


James Lowe


James Lowe

Grav3yardgirl would like it though

Cori Dahl-Myles
Cori Dahl-Myles

Matthew Stokes this is for Val

Karen Eno

That is SO creepy…

Dee Wright

I think it is wonderful!!!

Silje Anett Rosenvinge


Flow Delreux

ça fait un peu gibet non ? brrr

Dee-Ann Sheerin-Wilson

I bit creepy

Laurence Briere

quelle horreur :(

Beth Lewis

Ew! Creepy!

Caroll Gangloff

Ça fait peur

Renaud Billey

C’est glauque

Galina Poillion

Oh dear god. No. Just. ….noo

Galina Poillion

That will be the first piece is furniture you make. Ha

Lili Jeg

parfait pour la cabane de Don Julian Santana Barrera sur sa “glauque” Ile aux poupées au Mexique ^^

Linda DK
Linda DK

Hey! Great idea for our haunted house! ;)

Jeni San

Creepy :-S

Tammera Budde-Saglimbene

Ha ha how cute for a girly:-)

Ulrike Hendry

Myriam Topel ★★★★★ ; }


Love this. Absolutely love it.

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