by Miriam Bohacova

Dress From Shredded Paper Trash

I wrapped strips of wide transparent tape around the top part of my body until it reached the waist. Then spread a thick layer of shredded paper on the floor and had a roll. I worked in the same way on the skirt part for a little bit, then took it off to originate the desired shape on the floor. Rolling around in mountains of paper snow again. With the help of a friend I cut the back and created reusable fastening. Finished by shaping neckline (tape) and wearing accessories.

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Memphis Ribisi

fallait y penser, et le résultat est très sympas !!

Shirley Fox-Simon

Hope it doesn’t rain.

France Blanchard

C super original…!…mais il ne faut pas qu’il pleut…hehe….;-)

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