by Willem Heeffer

Drum Lamp by Willem Heeffer

Up-cycled washing machine drum lamp with a clean conscious
Used washing machine drums are given a new life as a lamp by designer Willem Heeffer. The up-cycled product is founded on three principles: locally sourced and recycled materials, hand made to the highest standard and transforming or reinventing to something which totally disconnects from its past.
”When I work with old materials I take them out of context, use it in an unexpected way to create something new. The goal is to first see a beautiful product after which you discover the history behind it. Only then the products are no longer viewed as trash and have become design pieces.” says the designer.
Drum light is powder coated in six different colours and seems to hover in the air suspended by three 1mm thick cables. The drive wheel at the back of the machine is placed inside the drum to house the T5 circular tube which has an excellent light output.
The fabric braided electricity cable is colour matching and the lights are fitted with acrylic sheets which diffuse the light. It is also available in an LED version.
The drums are salvaged from the local recycling centers who have taken on the labor intensive task to take them out of the machines to give them a second life which makes these lamps 90% recycled! It’s a lamp with a clean history!



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