Easy Last Minute Christmas Décor Using Paper

Even at the last minute you can make a stunning Christmas decor using paper stars to decorate a Christmas table, that will impress your guests. You can make big star lanterns and hang them from the ceiling just above the table (step by step DIY at Annekata or Me and my DIY). If you think this is a difficult DIY for you, just create “rain” of paper stars, above the festive table, cutting paper stars that you will join with a thin fishing line and hang them in a circular manner with a wire or in a branch.

Some candlesticks on the table (or even shots!) and paper stars on which you make a cut and fasten the towels are sufficient to create a festive atmosphere. Cut paper star, put some glue on the glitter on the top and use them to decorate the chairs, hanging them with ribbon or string. Use the same idea to make a “star rug” that will lead your guest to the table.








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