by Suzanne Bajor

Upcycled Wood Shelving Unit Has Copper Towel Rack

I made this Upcycled Wood Shelving Unit with pallet wood as the shelves. The white frame is upcycled wood from a 1960’s coffee table.

Upcycle it – don’t throw it away! Have fun creating something like this Wood Shelving Unit instead!

I painted the frame white and waxed it to protect it. Then, I added the pallet wood as shelving and top of the unit. I sanded, oiled and waxed the pallet wood to protect them. The rail is made from a copper plumbing pipe and gives extra flexible storage. It could be used as a towel rack, to hold jewelry like I’ve got in the photo or even mugs for the kitchen! I designed it with the idea of not only upcycling but flexibility!

Wood Shelving Unit1

Get organized with a Mail Sorting Rack too!

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