Fabric Diversion: Bags Made Out Of Recycled Clothing

I produce my bags from clothing collected in recycling centers: jeans, leather jacket, fur coat, blazer…
I maximise the use of these clothes by using as much as I can the details. I can be the outside or inside pocket, the button tabs, belts or zip.
The fabrics used and their arrangement through the use of different textures and colors require a lot of time. When the layout is done, I can begin to assemble the different part. I can easily spend a whole day to achieve the realization of a bag. I have a particular fondness for jeans, leather and fur… but everything can be possible, I am listening carefully to your desires.



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Ronja Lotte

very cool!

Violetta Andorini

These are beautiful. The basic shape is great and I think I see a ready made jacket pocket as an outside pocket on one of them.


Beautiful, nice shape bag too

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