Floating Book Wall

6 weeks, 63 second-hand books, 126 angel brackets, 138 dowels, 504 screws and 2 tubes of glue – if I would have calculated these numbers in advance, I would have never started this project. Luckily I was too lazy for math and later too stubborn to give up and now I have this beautiful floating book wall.

Get the tutorial here!



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Flow Delreux

what if you want to pick one up ? ;)

Kate Turner

WHY so much materials ? Just stack them ! & learn how to play jenga & use patience !

Yvonne Ellis Jones

I like the cat!

Ger Rus
Ger Rus

That cats like “thanks for this massive new scratching post”

Jessica Van Winkle

I would but I love books too much to not read them

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