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Working in collaboration with the NordicAartists Centre at Dalsåsen, on the west coast of Norway, and the Norwegian ministry of culture, Mexican architect Iván Juárez from x-studio has created a connection to the fjords landscape- mountain, ocean, rivers, waterfalls and lakes- by collecting up materials from the forest floor, mainly pine cones, a material that acquires a symbolic connotation and carefully stacking them to make an enclosure that wraps the viewer in the textures of the forest while directing the view upward, through the canopy to open sky. The piece is reflective of the process of building, in which the architects walked through the mossy, mist-held pine groves selecting thousands of cones, ‘the seeds of the forest’ to make the ‘hand-made natural skin.’


INNER FOREST, landscape pavilion
Design: x-studio : : Ivan Juarez
Location. Dalsåsen , Norway
Design year 2011
Image & text credits : x-studio Ivan Juárez
Collaborator: Sandra García
Promotor: Nordic Artists’ Centre Dalsåsen, Noruega. Norwegian Ministry Of Culture
Arild H. Eriksen (Director) + Jasmina Bosnjak, (Coordinator)

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