by Nicole Abene

Cooking Food Wonderbags

Wonderbag founder Sarah Collins from South Africa has already saved enough CO2 emissions to travel the globe 9,452 times with an unbelievably simple innovation – an insulated bag that cooks food even after it has been taken off the stove. Originally devised as a solution for very poor South Africans who scarcely have enough money for food much less the energy and water necessary to cook it, these incredible bags cut fuel use by 30% and give the family’s cook extra time to tend to their relatives. Fully recyclable, the cooking bags are so practical and effective that Unilever has already ordered five million of them, and Wonderbag has ambitions to sell enough in the next five years to save 8 million carbon tons!

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Isabeauty Toohot via Facebook
Isabeauty Toohot via Facebook


Kristin Rogers Johnson via Facebook
Kristin Rogers Johnson via Facebook


Bea Philippe Lavaud via Facebook
Bea Philippe Lavaud via Facebook

hope she makes a fortune and the company doesn’t rip her off…just saying

June March

Hopefully the fabric is not died with things toxic.

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