Green Beetle

Nothing to say…love it ! :)

Green Beetle 1 • Mechanic & Friends

++ Photo by Morten Flyverbom !

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Beatles were the pop stars. That is a Beetle.

Mohamed Barrasso via Facebook

yeah.. john, paul, george, ringo and volkswagen

Karin Adolph via Facebook
Karin Adolph via Facebook

very nice ♥


Great shot! There is a car on our street that was covered in flowers, the owner made a garden out of it. I suppose someone has a good basis on this one. :)

Kathryn Amos Glover via Facebook
Kathryn Amos Glover via Facebook

I have this picture on my frigidator!

Thi Diane
Thi Diane

une voiture Cetelem !!

Dan Bowers

Awesome .. That is how I drive it ..

Melanie Zanatta

What do you think of this one Kasey Skilton

Kasey Skilton

Haha wow! That’s awesome!

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