by Marc Wood

Coat and Hat Stand: Reclaimed Wood with Repurposed Coat-hanger Hooks

Beautifully designed and handcrafted from reclaimed pine by Marc in our rural Somerset workshop, this wonderful free standing coat and hat stand is inspired by our local woodland landscape and would be a quirky and practical addition to your home; if you look closely you will notice that this piece is also an inventive re-use of the classic wooden coat hanger!
Measuring 160 cm height X 60 cm width at the widest point, this piece has 8 generous wooden hooks to keep hold of all your favorite scarves, hats and coats and has ample space for an umbrella bucket (not supplied) between the lower spokes.
Our favourite high quality timber wax protects and enhances the grain of this piece but the real character comes from the reclaimed pine we love to use, with all its visible marks, scratches and aged grain it ensures everything we make has a unique laid back rustic charm.



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David Charest

Very nice! great recycling!

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