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This category is dedicated to home improvement projects, ideas and inspirations made from recycled & upcycled materials.

Pointing Nowhere

By Neodim

Roadsign architecture ++ Via ComputerLove

Skipwaste Project

By Neodim

SkipWaste.org.uk is a site designed to share the location and contents of skips across the country. It incourages the re-use of resources, making it easy to find and get what […]

Fridge Henge

By Neodim

Fridgehenge :  another modern take on Stonehenge exists outside of Sante Fe, New Mexico, constructed out of junked refrigerators, known as ‘Fridgehenge’. The site was created by the artist Adam […]

Old Train Wagon Bridge

By Ripe Green Ideas

An old train wagon put to good use in Georgia (ex-Soviet Union). How it got there, no one knows… ++ Ripe Green Ideas

Water Bottles Wall

By Neodim

Container Cabin

By Neodim

++ Holyoke Cabin

Shed Made From Reclaimed Pallets

By Neodim

Here is a garden shed built by Tony Utterback from Arab Alabama using reclaimed wood pallets as the main building component! More information at Summerville Nova Scotia website and plenty of constructions with pallets on […]

Plane Hostel

By Neodim

++ Jumbo Hostel

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