Ice Dyed Refashioned Babydoll Top

This top was constructed from two upcycled gently used ladies shirts! One of the shirts (a GAP pintuck shirt) was ice-dyed, a process where a pile of ice is placed on top of the fabric and then powdered dye is sprinkled on the ice to create a mottled effect as the ice melts onto the fabric. The dyed shirt was then gathered at the midriff of the magenta shirt, and the pintuck detail of the dyed shirt was added to the sleeves. The cuff of the dyed shirt was also gathered into to the sides of the ruffle, and the front buttons were put on the back. It took many hours to complete as it was a several step process (the shirt must be washed after the dying process) and the actual construction took several hours. The design and construction were completed by the creative duo from ButterCatCo at Etsy.


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