Maryland Faerie Festival Mushrooms

The mushrooms, provide both seating and decoration for the Maryland Faerie festival. Volunteers create them out of old 6 gallon buckets, recycled carpet padding, scrap lumber and fabric scraps. The Maryland Faerie Festival celebrates the faeries. We support and promote the work of keeping the magical world clean,beautiful and educated We try to make all the decorations out of recycled materials. The Maryland Faerie Festival provides an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and, of course, by the Faeries themselves. Maryland Faeries promote the stewardship of nature, outdoor education, and sponsor faerie artists, merchants and entertainment. As a 501c-3 non profit organization, the Maryland Faerie Festival supports and promotes the work of keeping the magical world clean, beautiful and educated.

Maryland Faerie Festival Mushrooms 1 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art
Maryland Faerie Festival Mushrooms 2 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art
Maryland Faerie Festival Mushrooms 3 • Interactive, Happening & Street Art

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This good inspire i will make a one my own i want my choose Just that Some things you never know this too Amaze .


The idea first came to my knowledge back in the 70’s when my father made two large mushrooms with fun fur coverings and cement forms. It was through the creativity of volunteers like Maugie and others that brought this concept of using 5 gallon paint buckets and spackle buckets to life. We use a template for the holes in the buckets so they aren’t exclusive to one top. We have close to 90 of the mushrooms, with plans to make more this year! I am very proud of all the volunteers of the Maryland Faerie Festival, and of Holly for… Read more »

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